Formula Student 2017

At SPAL we have been riveted by the highs and lows of Formula Student 2017.

Over the last 3-4 years we have been providing teams with just enough technical advice to help them work out the best engine cooling fans for their needs. Every year we are impressed at the approach to solve issues and constantly seek to improve on the previous year’s performance.

This year we supplied our fans to ten teams all over the country and must congratulate them all on their impressive results, in particular those in the top 20:

Cardiff Racing 1st Brunel Racing 11th Oxford Brookes 14th UH Racing 16th Sheffield Formula Racing 20th

We commiserate with the disappointments but the process of the event is extremely rigorous and it is clear everyone involved is receiving amazing career and life lessons working in dedicated and determined teams to build the best race car they can from scratch.

Many teams went on to further glory competing in Formula Student Czech Republic.

Well done everyone, the future of automotive engineering is in safe hands.

Posted in Blog on Aug 21, 2017

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