Hull Uni FS gets even cooler

The Hull University Formula Student was founded in November 2010 by engineering students Jerome Greenhalgh and Brian Houston and competed for the first time in FS2012. The FS2017 season will be the team’s 6th year!

Although relatively young in comparison to others in the FSUK event, we are proud of our successes, including but not limited to passing scrutineering every year and last year claiming the accolade of the quietest vehicle in the event with a totally unique exhaust solution. Additionally last year we not only competed in the endurance event but made it further than ever before, successfully passing the challenging driver change mid-way point and achieving a reliable hot start in the scorching British summer weather.

As we are a small team, we have set ourselves with realistic targets, by going forward with an iterative design approach, with this season being the third iteration of our car, Nighthawk Mk3. Our objectives this season have also included track testing to further understand the vehicle better, with each track day providing vital results to improve the design and reduce the cars weaknesses, by the aid of CAD/CAE packages, producing lighter and stronger components via intensive simulations, so that the next car can perform at a higher standard than previous year’s cars.

Some of our achievements this year: a custom made wiring loom and also an increase of Additive Manufacturing (3D-printing) techniques which has presented new design capability as well as reducing the overall cost of the car. This drop in costs has allowed us to acquire a brand new Drexler limited-slip differential - a good solution to a traction issue that we have struggled with in previous years. To further increase reliability, we have taken the jump to have a full and complete engine rebuild on our Honda CBR F4i, with the aid of Genesis Engines.

In the FS2016 event, our cooling system issues resulted in an early finish in the Endurance event. Therefore, this season we have chosen to use 2 uprated fans, provided by SPAL Automotive, which will allow us to run with increased air flow rate through our twin radiators, with lower electrical draw to increase our overall performance. We hope with this, we will be able to present a competitive vehicle in the FS2017 event, and allow us to reach our final goal, to compete in all the Dynamic events!

Posted in Blog on Jun 26, 2017

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