Introducing Heidi's Little Sister Ami

Richard Gatley, the master restorer behind Heidi, the Frazer-Nash BMW is excited to report he is currently working on his ‘baby' BMW, a 1932 BMW AM1 with a 844cc 4 cylinder supercharged engine and chassis as the starting point. Ami, unique in the UK, is a rare example of the first car that BMW designed themselves following after they ceased production of Austin 7s under license.

Being careful, Ami meets Vintage Sports Car Club eligibility requirements, she is having a new lightweight, boat tailed, 2-seater body built and will be specifically used for vintage car rallies, hill climbs and track events (as well as visits to the pub!). She is old enough!

All being well, Ami should hit the road in mid 2019.

Posted in Blog on Dec 21, 2018

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