Lockdown Stories Keep Cool & Carry On

While the office and warehouse at SPAL UK has remained operational to deliver its essential service, the business development team has been working from home during lockdown. Let’s take a look at what they have been up to:

“I’ve been using the time wisely, training for my Ben Nevis climb in September (if Scotland lets us in) with regular 8-12 mile walks - within the government guidelines of course!

“I have done the 30-day 5-50 Press-up Challenge and I am now close to completing the Plank Challenge*.

"Not forgetting to mention the garden is looking spectacular for this time of the year too”.

*Update: Plank Challenge - "it’s now complete, 2 minutes in hold is no problem. I’m on to the Joe Wicks PT program now!"

Adam Betteridge (AM BDM, Off Highway & Agriculture East)

“The world has slowed down completely. It’s peaceful!

“I’ve bought myself a push bike, I cycle everywhere and really enjoy it. I’ve become a Michelin Star level chef and baker too! Even made my own pasta the other day, from scratch.

“I’ve completed all outstanding DIY projects, including a proper home office! Yes I have my little woman cave going on right now.”

Maggie Lech (AM BDM, Off Highway & Agriculture West)

"My lockdown highlights have been: becoming a better cook and a Master BBQist.

"I have acquired a new bike (TCR Adv Pro 1) and my longest cycle ride to date is 55 miles. I have also primed my Strava cycling app to set a series of personal bests.

"My sofas arrived last week finally emerging from the Coronavirus Vortex. With them in place I then hung the TV on the wall. All outside of working hours I must add!"

Andy Saracino-Clift (AM National Sales Manager)

Matthew Morris MD has taken advantage of the less busy roads to cycle into the office 2 or 3 times a week. His biggest challenge is selecting the optimum layers of attire. The ride from home begins in relatively cool conditions and hots up once within the city walls with the reverse on the journey home apart from the final climb! It’s all about thermal management with SPAL!

Meanwhile he is happy to report some OEM customers are returning to production and postponed orders are being brought forward as well as new projects coming online, prompting a burst of activity at SPAL UK.

Most of these stories featured in the June 2020 issue of the SPAL newsletter For Cooling Out Loud.

Posted in Blog on Jun 08, 2020

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