Name the SPAL Pup

Exciting news – the team at SPAL Automotive UK welcomed some adorable new members - two Irish Red Setter pups. Prepare yourselves for a melting moment as here is a snap of them just a few days old.

Your chance to win some prizes…

Currently, the healthy, noisy duo have coloured collars to distinguish them, red and white – the SPAL colours of course - but we are giving dog admirers the chance ‘Name the SPAL Pup’ and win a selection prizes.

Simply go to our Facebook post here choose a name within the Comments and let us known you’ve shared the pic.

We will shortlist the best ones and then in a second round of cuteness, invite people to vote for the overall best name choice.

And here’s what you’ll win…

As well as the honour of naming one of our cuties, the winner will receive a SPAL goody bag including a polo shirt, and a cool drinks flask!

Start sharing and naming!

Watch out for more puppy posts via our Dog Blog as we keep everyone informed of their progress.

Posted in Blog on Jul 25, 2019

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