Oxford Brookes Gets on Top of Cooling

If engine cooling becomes an issue when competing in Formula Student, it’s wise to get SPAL on your side. Oxford Brookes Racing approached us for our fans and we engaged the team leader in a little Q & A:

What is the team’s track record?

Since our debut we've entered more competitions and turned faster laps than any other UK team. We're regarded as one of the best Formula Student teams in the world performing consistently well in competitions across Europe and keeping up with some of the largest European teams whilst working with a fraction of the budget.

What are the hopes for 2017 season?

Our main aim for the 2017 season is to win Formula Student UK outright, and be the first UK based team to do so. Our main focus this year is to build on the reliability of our 2016 package. We made a lot of changes for the '16 season, moving from 13" wheels down to 10" and this meant changing the geometry of the entire car. The results were good and we arrived at competition with one of the fastest cars setting new lap records throughout the event, however our old engine coupled with cooling issues meant that we had to retire the car.

This year we've focused on evolving our ‘16 competitor, making the car lighter with the added benefit of a brand new engine. This year we're aiming to produce the fastest car OBR and FSUK have ever seen to help us bring home the title of 'Best UK team'.

How has SPAL helped with your bid?

Our 2016 competitor was hindered mainly by cooling issues. Using SPAL fans will help us iron out these issues and compete in all events at full potential, which is our major goal for this year.

Best of luck to Team OBR!

Posted in Blog on Mar 14, 2017

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