Poor Weather Conditions dog Rob Wilson in Round 8

Rob Wilson Motorsport has had a string of successes in the Junior Rally Championships so far, but the latest round - Heroes Stages at Weeton - was fraught with difficult driving conditions and a nasty encounter with a kerb knocked them into 13th place.

Here is the rundown of what happened:

“This weekend we needed a win to tie up the championship. Despite the pressure, we remained level-headed and drove to the conditions.

“After the first two stages we had opened up a 25 second advantage. Conditions were tricky but we couldn’t back off and gained another 3 stage wins, putting us ahead by a comfy 1 min 45 seconds and in second place after stage 6.

“We knew we just had to get through the next 4 stages, but fatefully on stage 7 though we were the first through the stage out of the seniors and juniors, we hit a super water- logged concrete section and it was like driving on ice!

“The car just wouldn’t slow down. We tried everything but there was nothing we could do. This section claimed other victims as another 4 crews and pretty much all the top crews had problems.

“The impact with the kerb sheered off the hub and wishbone also taking with it a wheel and a driveshaft.

“We towed the car back to service and the rush was on to get the car back out. Luckily the car was repaired thanks to our incredible service crew. We went on to finish 13th out of 20 finishers!

“An incredible result for the conditions and we still took home a large amount of points!

“The next round for us is the Fairfield Merlin Stages in 4 weeks’ time. We still need a good finish and hopefully then we can sew up 2019.

“Many thanks for SPAL’s support, as without it, competing in the rally would be impossible.”

A close call for Rob and Martin, here’s hoping for a less eventful result next month!

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Posted in Blog on Sep 24, 2019

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