Project Zero Racing Rises Again

To take on the Time Attack challenge you need guts and ambition and a Plan B when things don’t go your way, which is exactly what Rory Jose of Project Zero Racing is putting into place. He explained his approach:

"With a disappointing start to what was supposed to be our pinnacle season, we've put some extra time and thought behind engineering the car and its components to withstand the extreme stresses that they will be exposed to in the future.

“We’ve made some great progress since our last update. The car is now completely together bar a few minor pieces. The last major component should be arriving within the coming weeks. It has taken longer than expected as it is a real one off design.

“Can’t wait to finally hear that distinctive 5 cylinder engine burble. It will be slightly different to the original exhaust noise due to the immense amount of engine upgrades we have been doing.

“To keep you all entertained for now..... here's a photo of our SPAL engine cooling fan in a custom Pro Alloy radiator setup in its final resting place in the engine bay."

Hurray for Project Zero Racing! Your fans at SPAL are glad to hear the team is back on track and that the flamingo pink Focus will rise again!

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Posted in Blog on Sep 10, 2019

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