Rallying is an Unpredictable Game

Our Junior Rally racer Rob Wilson is having a hectic time fitting his GCSEs in between competitions and then coping with the challenges of the track. He sent this report from his latest eventful foray.

“The rally was a mixed bag for us. We started the day with a 12 second stage win and we were right on the pace. Then on stage 2 we had a brake issue meaning a little crash into the bush. The car was fully functional and we still maintained the lead. Over the next 3 stages, we were just keeping the lead up and going into the final stage, we knew we needed a push but didn’t want to have any issues.

“Unfortunately, as we came around one of the final corners, a car in front had blown up their engine and deposited oil all over the racing line. We immediately lost control and found ourselves imbedded in the undergrowth; and that was the end of the rally for us. A sad end to what would have been an amazing result but the circumstances were far out of our control.

“We are now hoping for the Solway win as the Irish and Scottish Juniors are there as well!”

Good luck Rob, a positive attitude goes a long way.

Posted in Blog on Jul 12, 2018

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