SPAL Gets a Look Inside Team HARE

We love supporting Formula Student as the competition to build and race your own car is a fabulous opportunity for students to undergo a real life working experience, applying theoretical knowledge along with practical skills such as project management, finance management and manufacturing know how.

Team Huddersfield Automotive Racing Enterprise (HARE) has been competing since 1999 and this year is hoping to take a step forward in the design of its vehicle and shared with us their approach to engine cooling.

Aware that a fully working cooling system that can withstand the demands of the competition – particularly those tense moments revving up on the starting grid - contributes to overall success.

Top of the list was balancing space restrictions for the cooling system with the car's aerodynamic requirements. Naturally SPAL was on hand with its years of technical expertise to provide advice on the best fan for the job.

More speed and power of course equals more heat being produced and wanting to avoid past problems such as engine overheating or overcooling and fatigue failure, the team opted for a compact, lightweight cooling option that performs no matter what the external conditions.

The HARE team has over 50 members focussed on ultimate victory and SPAL is excited to follow its journey throughout testing and competing in the Formula Student programme over the summer of 2017.

Posted in Blog on Feb 09, 2017

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