SPAL makes the most of LAMMA

Despite high winds stopping play at LAMMA 2018, the first day of the show was massively busy for the SPAL team showing off its wares and handing out its current bestseller - A Quick Guide to Blowers & Fans for Agriculture - which handily distils the top 20 service and replacement parts most specified for agricultural machinery.

LAMMA is a great place to network because although the range is featured on the kit of the majority of big name makers, the SPAL brand is less prominent. That is until someone spots one of the distinctive blowers in the flesh, then they know what SPAL is all about.

Want to bone up on the SPAL range for agriculture? Drop Russel Hadden a line to request your hard copy or a PDF of A Quick Guide to Blowers & Fans for Agriculture.

Posted in Blog on Jan 30, 2018

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