SPAL Reports on #EEMC2017

The MIA 11th International Energy Efficient Motorsport Conference was a fascinating insight into the future particularly the development of autonomous vehicles, the amazing world of drone racing and the rise of FormulaE.

Given the current state of F1 with declining interest both as a spectator and televised sport there is a great opportunity for FormulaE to capitalise on the excitement and entertainment factors.

Many former F1 drivers are finding their way to the fledgling sport and this will no doubt help raise the profile of FormulaE. Since the cars are all the same Audi model, it will then be purely down to the skill of the driver which will certainly raise the stakes.

Finally, the races themselves are thrilling. Featuring high speeds, impressive acceleration and only 20 laps, there’s plenty to appeal to those sports fans who favour quick wins.

Posted in Blog on Jan 23, 2017

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