Sussex Racing Goes Lighter for 2020

As you know, we love to hear from teams taking part in Formula Student, the spawning pool for the next generation of star engineers. This week the Team Leader of Mobil1 Sussex Racing got in touch to say thank you, update us on the 2019 competition and supply photos from the action at Silverstone.

“On behalf of the team at Sussex Racing I wanted to express our appreciation for SPAL’s support during the 2019 competition. We finished 38th overall and 26th in the UK; successfully passing all scrutineering tests.

“Our aim for 2020 is to improve upon the design of the chassis, by making it lighter whilst keeping in line with safety regulations. We are striving to surpass the previous result of Sussex Racing 2018’s finish of 22nd overall and 13th in the UK.

“The plan for 2020 is to further refine and improve the quality of the car with our new team of 16 members. We will focus our efforts on the powertrain with a new engine, an improved aerodynamic package, and a sub 200kg car. All this will help us to maximise the power output from the engine, whilst minimising weight and complying with competition regulations.”

An exciting plan - we wish Sussex Racing and all Formula Student contenders the best of luck in 2020.

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Posted in Blog on Sep 12, 2019

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