UH Racing’s Formula (Student) for Success

UH Racing is the most successful UK Formula Student team of all time. Founded in 1997 by University of Hertfordshire students, the team has competed in every IMechE Formula Student event since its inception in 1998.

UH Racing is now in its 20th year, with the team designing and building their 20th combustion car. Throughout the past 20 years, countless awards have been won and the team has entered Formula Student competitions worldwide with cutting-edge petrol, electric and hydrogen powered cars. UH Racing continues to evolve with new technologies every year, to produce a successful single seat race car further contributing to the team’s heritage of success.

With a strong team consisting of a mixture of 31 new and returning students from a diverse range of backgrounds combining experience, a new way of thinking, and innovation, the aim is to continue UH Racing's strong heritage by improving on last year's result with a podium position.

The main focus this year was to increase the power and driveability of the existing power unit. Taking no chances with cooling, the team is considering running 4 SPAL fans on its car.

For the 2017 season, UH Racing is putting forward a single Formula car to compete in the 2017 Formula Student UK, Formula Student Czech Republic and Formula Student Germany competitions.

Posted in Blog on Jun 16, 2017

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