Ariel selects SPAL for its specifications

The Ariel Motor Company has been using SPAL fans for its carefully crafted specifications since 1999, first on the original Atom, followed by the Nomad, the concept BEV HIPERCAR and, as seen on TV, the new Ariel Atom 4.

So what makes SPAL fans the perfect fit for Ariel cars? Andy Clift, National Aftermarket Sales Manager went along to the car maker to find out.

In the case of the Nomad which sports a SPAL fan on the front of the vehicle, in an off-road situation a SPAL fan is ideal being rugged enough to take a battering while delivering high performance cooling.

The challenges of thermal management in battery electric vehicles are enormous so when developing the HIPERCAR (High Performance Carbon Reduction) SPAL fans - several of them - were the obvious choice for effective cooling.

“As with Ariel vehicles, SPAL products are lightweight, high performance, rugged, tried and tested and available at the right price point for a production vehicle – SPAL products meet our requirements perfectly” says Tom Siebert, General Manager, Ariel Motor Company.

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Posted in Case Studies on Feb 21, 2020

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