Caterham Counts on SPAL

Iconic car manufacturer Caterham puts a SPAL fan in every one of its cars whether fitted at the factory or by a customer as part of a kit. SPAL sat down with Caterham to discover why SPAL is the preferred choice of component since 2008.

Aside from the excellent customer service, Caterham sited quality, reliability and performance as the drivers behind choosing SPAL:

“Reliability and performance are imperative to our business. We work to strict deadlines and have a standing reputation to maintain. We cannot afford to have defective parts or delayed shipments and SPAL Automotive has shown consistent dedication to Caterham in relation to this aspect of the business.”

Another insight came from a contact in the buying department who until joining Caterham had no knowledge of SPAL. Having held a role in quality control this was very good news because no SPAL fans had been the subject of a quality issue.

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Posted in Case Studies on Aug 15, 2017

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