GAH is cool customer for SPAL

For the last ten years GAH has been routinely specifying SPAL fans in the refrigeration units of its temperature controlled vehicles so we sat down with this longstanding customer to find out why it’s SPAL or nothing.

As well as pointing out that no other fans promise the same performance, reliability and length of life, GAH chooses SPAL because quality is paramount. Especially when it comes to transporting perishable products – whether food in supermarket home delivery vans or blood products and other delicate samples – there is far too much at stake for GAH to risk its own reputation should any component fail and negatively affect the cargo in transit.

GAH also insists on SPAL fans in the development of new products such as its ‘Flexi-temp’ solution where frozen goods can be transported alongside ambient items.

As GAH Refrigeration Director Shaun O’Farrell reports: “We continually design and develop new products to keep pace with changing market demands. Our reputation within the industry is for innovation and uncompromising quality – that’s why we specify the best quality components, working with our preferred fan suppliers SPAL.”

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Posted in Case Studies on Jul 18, 2017

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