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A BBC news report at the weekend: Would UK be ready for a new petrol car ban in 2030? pre-empted the expected government announcement that the ban on the production of new petrol and diesel cars is going to be brought forward from 2040 to 2030 and asks if the UK could make the switch to pure electric cars in less than 10 years.

Filmed at Brooklands, the news item presented a potted history about our relationship with the internal combustion engine, how it has reshaped our lives and dictated the current road structure.

It pointed out that the UK has always been at the forefront of the car industry from the very beginning in the design, manufacture and the driving of cars.

It reminded us that the basic principle of the ICE, which involves creating an explosion producing C02 and other pollutants hadn’t changed for 110 years. Already there are electric vehicles, in particular racing car versions equal to the performance of a petrol car; so it was merely a case of the government saying we still need cars just not the internal combustion engine variety.

However, although most manufacturers have at least one fully electric car in their range, they regard the move as very ambitious. Representing the SMMT, CEO Mike Hawes - sporting an impressive face visor - said the challenge to the industry is ‘absolutely massive’ as it means shifting from embedded investment to a whole new technology in just a few years.

There are also the usual questions remaining about where these cars will be charged, will they be affordable and will they have the required range for the journeys we need to make?

Baroness Brown of the Climate Change Committee says there will need to more charge points on the streets of towns and cities for those without off street parking. She added they must be visible and they must be working so that users would have confidence they can charge their cars when they need to.

Concluding the piece, the reporter suggests anyone doubtful about electric cars should just give one a go, especially as the clock is ticking down to petrol and diesel models being consigned to exhibits in the Brooklands Museum!

Commenting on the BBC news report SPAL Automotive UK, Head of Sales & Marketing James Coughlan said:

“Apart from the obvious question about the ability to charge all these EVs – therefore UK infrastructure and National Grid related – I don’t think many people would doubt that by 2030 the technology and range in EVs would actually suit the majority of car owners. I do, however, still see considerable benefit in PHEV and bio-fuels supporting the government’s ambitious plans to bridge the gap between environmental concerns and the reality of road travel.”

Image credit: Photo by Colin D on Unsplash

Posted in News on Nov 17, 2020

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