Bentley puts the case for PHEVs

James Coughlan, Head of Sales & Marketing at SPAL who has always held that PHEVs are integral to a low CO2 future, found it refreshing to read a feature in PistonHeads presenting an honest view from luxury car maker Bentley which emphasises the importance of these transitional models.

Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark is committed to going fully electric down the line but feels plans by government to ban PHEVs at the same time as phasing out ICEs to plunge straight into exclusively electric vehicles are misguided.

He points out that EV technology is not sustainable as yet, as the batteries require careful recycling, that there are still safety issues with them and being 10 times as heavy as ordinary engines, having huge numbers on the roads might not supportable.

Rather than a sudden switch to EV, Hallmark wisely recommends there is some overlap with PHEVs because they offer a flexible option for the consumer so they can do most journeys without the engine but not worry if they have to go further afield, about charging and range.

PHEVs are also capable of meeting emissions standards, particularly as vehicles will be required to report fuel consumption & energy usage, with apps like geo-fencing being employed so the car cannot be driven in congestion unless in electric mode.

James Coughlan concludes: “It was clear that Bentley was not just protecting its own considerable investment in PHEVs, but understands that the demonising the platform is confusing customers and ultimately creates barriers for EV adoption. This resonated with me and validates SPAL’s thoughts on PHEVs being a valid low emission option for a while yet.

Credit: Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

Posted in News on Oct 28, 2020

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