Brand New ‘Classic’ Cooling Application for SPAL Fans

Andy Clift had his petrol head turned after learning that SPAL fans feature on the brand new MST Mk1 and Mk2 made by MST Cars.

These magnificent motors are high quality replicas of the original Ford Mk1 & Mk2 Escort model, made from scratch and equipped to order for anything from fast road to forest spec.

Andy, Business Development Manager for automotive and specialist sectors at SPAL says:

“I am really pleased that that these hot off the bespoke production line cars feature a SPAL fan to keep them cool.

“We’ve seen lots of Classic recreations over the last couple of years but this one really hit me in my motoring youth.”

Take a look at the parts and spec.

Take a tour inside the MST Mk1 about to launch.

Watch The Late Brake Show MST Mk2 First Drive

Posted in News on Mar 02, 2021

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