Can the UK Charge Ahead in EV Capability?

With news that the leading light of the battery revolution, the Faraday Institution is pushing for the UK to invest in battery gigafactories within the next few years to support production of some 1.6 million electric vehicles a year by 2040, James Coughlan, BDM OEM, for SPAL Automotive UK gives his view on the current position.

“As a supplier of battery and engine cooling fans for BEVs and PHEVs and being allied to the Faraday Battery Challenge, SPAL Automotive UK supports the government’s drive to significantly boost EV sales and we are seeing substantial interest from both new ‘unicorn investment’ companies and existing customers looking at increasing their EV content, including trucks, vans and buses.

“SMMT figures for September reveal a record year for sales of BEVs at nearly 22,000 units but whilst OEM activity is strong, we do share concerns around battery localisation to support increased EV production to the levels forecast by the Faraday Institution and, perhaps more challenging, ensuring the infrastructure is available to allow seamless use of electric vehicles on the road.

“In the meantime, it makes sense that our current customer technical enquiries suggest continued strong investment and interest in supporting development and production of PHEVs to manage a gradual transition to pure EV.

“Fortunately, SPAL Automotive UK remains committed to all future propulsion forms and continues to support ICE technology as it becomes cleaner and more efficient with help from our intelligent thermal management products.”

Posted in News on Oct 06, 2020

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