Don’t bypass PHEVs and go straight to EVs

SPAL fans are specified by OEMs in both plug in hybrids and electric vehicles for engine and battery cooling. With a foot with both camps we once again find ourselves championing PHEVs as an important stop on the journey to pure electric, finding agreement in a recent article in Forbes magazine.

Plug-in hybrids will play a big electrification role, despite unjustified attacks discusses the naysayers – the environmental groups that question their eco credentials and the powerful electric vehicle manufacturers who believe it’s all or nothing.

Those in favour PHEVs understand the real sticking point is about changing consumer behaviour. EV adoption can still be intimidating because of the price point, a lack of confidence in the charging infrastructure and simple concerns about being able to get there and back.

A PHEV is the answer to all these issues this as the driver is in control, doesn’t need to completely change their driving routine and it is only human nature to feel more comfortable if you have a back-up.

Plus taking away choice or forcing consumers to go straight to EV usage is not constructive. It would be foolish to ignore PHEVs as they are a user-friendly and convenient way to wean motorists gradually towards the full electric experience

The article concludes that PHEVs and ICE options will still be around for the foreseeable because in terms of sheer practicality, it is necessary to have the whole suite of options available while managing the enormous task of transitioning from one technology to another.

We couldn’t agree more!

Credit: Photo by Ralph Hutter on Unsplash

Posted in News on Nov 05, 2020

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