Essential to keep on cooling as temperatures rise

In these unusual times, SPAL issues its usual advice for this time of year. As the warmer and more settled weather looks set to continue, servicing and maintenance of cooling systems in refrigerated vans is even more important as the ambient temperature rises.

Already working overtime to keep deliveries of much needed food and medical supplies on the roads, vans are making more stops and so the doors to the refrigerated compartment are being opened more often letting in the ambient air. Fans are then placed under pressure to restore compartment temperatures quickly and efficiently so that the contents reach their destination in tip top condition.

As SPAL UK has been designated by the UK government for essential working to continue to supply parts ‘to keep vehicles and services on the road and operating’, it recommends the servicing of not just the cooling fans but rest of the supporting components to ensure optimum performance in the warmer weather.

To read the statement about SPAL’s essential working status see here:

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Posted in News on Apr 16, 2020

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