Europe racing ahead to meet emissions targets

The battery vs hybrid conversation is hotting up according to an article in the FT:- ‘Electric car sales triple in race to meet Europe CO2 rules’ which reports that 1 in 10 cars sold in Europe in 2020 will be electric or plug-in hybrid.

This has been prompted by the EU reduction in emissions targets with car manufacturers introducing new electric new models to keep pace with tightening restrictions and experts predicting 1 in 7 vehicles sold in 2021 will be a plug in.

To even playing field those ahead of the game in EV production can acquire credits and sell these on to rivals to help them avoid fines for not reducing the average emissions from their vehicles to 95g of CO2 per km.

However, the picture with the top car makers is that demand for hybrid vehicles remains high and they allow manufacturers to meet their targets especially while production of pure EVs has been interrupted by the pandemic.

Commenting on the article James Coughlan BDM, OEM SPAL Automotive UK said: “We are encouraged to see the consumer shift to EV happening at a positive rate but as with the key manufacturers, we remain confident about the future of PHEV and for our own part there are promising ongoing developments in ICE.”

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Posted in News on Oct 13, 2020

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