How green is your motoring? SPAL investigates

With the good news from the SMMT as car dealerships re-open and pent up demand bumps up new car registrations, there is an indication of a change in attitudes in the car buying public, prompted by lockdown, towards cleaner, greener transport options.

  • Public appetite for zero and ultra-low emission cars remains stable, with plug-in hybrids (PHEV) and battery electric vehicles (BEV) taking a 9.0% share of registrations for July, compared with 9.5% last month and up from 3.1% for 2019 overall. SMMT July, 2020.

James Coughlan, BDM OEM, SPAL UK puts the new figures into context:

“From the last industry event that SPAL attended, way back in February, it’s clear that the automotive industry still sees a strong future in the internal combustion engine - with additional electric and hybrid support of course.

“Obviously, this doesn’t chime with the government’s immediate desire to appear green but any rational, technical or investment analysis clearly shows an ongoing, long(ish) term requirement for a more traditional basis (for which read fossil or bio fuel) of propulsion! Not least because there needs to be a transitional phase as the current infrastructure is not yet able to support huge numbers of completely electric vehicles in the UK.

“Larger modes of transport, e.g. buses, are seeing a lot of investment because they naturally carry the ‘real estate’ required for a decent range with either hydrogen or battery power. However, COVID-19 is in danger of impeding this investment as people may continue to shun public transport.

“Fortunately, we are seeing good interest from battery-based trucks and delivery van developers as city centres look to reduce their pollution with the implementation of Clean Air Zones and Ultra Low Emission Zones.

“With our high quality and exceptional performing portfolio of brushless fans and blowers, SPAL is in a strong position to support any technology direction and is the incumbent source on all existing and new generation powertrain systems.”

Posted in News on Aug 11, 2020

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