Keep Your Windscreen in the Clear

As we say a final goodbye to the roasting hot summer, the first nip of the Autumn Equinox has been detected and that means some essential checks for pre-winter maintenance for bus & coach operators.

At the first sign of cold and wet weather, heater blowers become a vital piece of kit to keep windscreens demisted; while working very hard to adapt to the onboard environment. Every time the doors open to let in the outside air, the moist breath of exhaling passengers or heavy coats drying off, blowers are under pressure to offset the effects of evaporation and condensation.

SPAL blowers are the best in the business for the job of keeping screens clear, delivering high performance and long life. But as every part has a lifespan, it’s best to do those essential checks now to prepare for whatever is ultimately delivered by the crazy weather; be that 4 months solid of cold or a belated Indian Summer.

Posted in News on Sep 25, 2018

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