LUMotorsport's Cool Decision to go Electric

We were excited to hear from one of our regularly supported Formula Student teams, Loughborough University Motorsport (LUMotorsport) which has taken the decision, with an eye on the future, to go electric in 2020.

The 2019 season was one of the best years yet for LUMotorsport with an impressive 4th place out of 81 teams in the Formula Student UK competition.

This provided a strong base to diversify away from the traditional ICE setup and subject aspiring automotive engineers to the challenges of building an electric race car from scratch, which will comply with the rules of the competition and pass scrutineering.

The team report they are hard at work on the new car and we were particularly interested to hear their thought processes in redesigning the electronics, aerodynamics and the powertrain including building a battery pack that can go the distance to last a full 22km endurance. Naturally such a high energy output will require some serious cooling and SPAL fans are more than up to that job.

We await our instructions on that front and wish the team the best of luck getting the car ready for the summer.

To check out LUMotorsport’s previous form, see our previous blog here

Posted in News on Jan 14, 2020

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