Mapping a Hydrogen Future

We read with great interest an article in the FT:- Easy street: why investors are hungry for hydrogen-fuelled driving about the thirst for investment opportunities in hydrogen fuelled vehicles.

Cited as the next big thing in alternative fuels, SPAL has begun to supply its brushless technology fans to manufacturers of this new wave of vehicles, and so likes to keep abreast of the global position on hydrogen propulsion.

Matthew Morris MD SPAL UK says: “Hydrogen is a very acceptable fuel and has lots of benefits in terms of zero emissions, but it is phenomenally expensive to produce and to build the vehicles that use the fuel.

“That said commercial vehicle manufacturers are leading the way in the introduction of hydrogen buses, while heavy duty off highway OEMs are hydrogen-positive because electric propulsion simply does not have the power output these beasts require.

“Currently there appears to be a battle with the electric vehicle producers claiming dominance but in truth electric is just further along and hydrogen is undergoing the same evolution process where the costs of the technology and the infrastructure just need to catch up.

“Just last month (August 2020) the Japanese Government reported on its progress in tackling the energy problem having developed a method for extracting hydrogen from waste plastic.

“Developments like this are being carefully monitored by the SPAL Group as regardless of the direction of the technology, SPAL will be part of the journey. In the case of BEVs, range anxiety is driving faster charging cycles which generates a lot of heat as do the fuel cells in HFCVs; both of which rely on the high performance, super-efficient, precise and controllable thermal management provided by SPAL brushless technology cooling fans.”

To read the FT article in full, see here.

Posted in News on Sep 04, 2020

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