Our Brushless Fan Technology is Leading the Way in the Fight to Lower Emissions

The drive to improve the air quality in congested city centres is picking up speed. The first Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) comes into effect in Central London and will mean that from 8 April 2019, commercial vehicles such as buses and coaches will need to ‘clean up their act’ emissions-wise if they wish to continue operating.

Major retro-fitting projects underway

Our software driven, brushless cooling fans are now being utilised as part of several major upgrade projects. Government funding, to the tune of £40m, has been made available to 20 English authorities and comes from the Clean Bus Technology Fund, launched last year.

Existing vehicles must be adapted to meet the stringent Euro 6 emissions standards.

The increased efficiency of the cooling system means both reductions in emissions and also in fuel consumption.

New emissions protocols

SPAL MD Matthew Morris explains the benefits of electric fan cooling:

“Time is running out to get vehicles up to scratch with the new emissions protocols and there are several approaches that can be taken, such as fitting catalytic converters or specialised filters to remove particulate material and reduce the toxicity of exhaust emissions.

“But by far one of the most economical ways of achieving significant reductions in both NO2 emissions and running costs is through the introduction of electric fan cooling.”

Smart-controlled brushless technology

We are one of the world’s leading innovators in fan technology and have been involved in the replacement of conventional hydraulic systems with electric fan arrays for the last 5 years.

The process involves the upgrade of the cooling pack by the removal of a single heavy duty hydraulic fan and fitting 4-6 electric fan units.

The ultra-efficient, smart-controlled brushless technology range is well-equipped to meet and exceed the requirements of Euro 6. It’s been subjected to independent ‘real world’ testing by a leading UK based bus and coach maker with reports of 10+% fuel saving and proportionately lower emissions.

Brushless features

• High efficiency, low power consumption. • Low noise, low vibration • High resistance to mechanical stress • 30,000 hours operation EOL under all operating conditions • Far greater control – fan speed and current managed by PWM • Fulfils EMC directives: 2006/28/EC; IP68 and IP6K9K protection

Adaptation may equate to £14k per vehicle but will adhere to Tier 6 standards and Ultra Low Emission Zones’ standards set in London and the rest of the UK, once rolled out.

If you’re a bus and/or coach manufacturer involved in the tendering of the retro-fitting campaign, talk to us about our off-the-shelf brushless fans. Contact Andy Saracino-Clift, andy@spalautomotive.co.uk

Posted in News on Dec 11, 2018

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