Oxford Brookes Racing primed for virtual Formula Student

Great to hear from one of the teams making up the 80 or so from around the world competing in the Formula Student competition this year, with some major adaptations, as Tamara de Jong Business Development Lead, Oxford Brookes Racing reported:

“While the world is adjusting to COVID19, the Formula Student community has been doing the same.

“As you may know, OBR sadly won't be competing at Silverstone Race Circuit this year, since manufacturing was halted in March.

“This virtual format for the IMechE Formula Student Competition this year is accordingly now solely focused on design, manufacturing and business strategy. In the last week, the team has submitted various documents for these Static Events, including for Design, Cost and Manufacturing and Business Plan - which have largely taken place in the same way as usual.

“Of course, with regard to the dynamic events - as teams have no cars to race, having not been built amid COVID19 - there will be a virtual e-race which is to be broadcast live.

“The Acceleration and Skid-Pad events will be replaced by Lap-Time Simulations that will use a Multi-Body Dynamics Model and recreations of the courses used at Silverstone. Secondly, online multiplayer competitive simulation races in Assetto Corsa will test the skills of its drivers, which mirrors the current popularity of e-sports racing."

Sounds brilliant and as the organisers have said engineers are natural problem solvers so will work their way around any challenges. We wish all teams every success.

Posted in News on Jul 17, 2020

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