Pomeroy Trophy Event Promises Such Fun for Heidi

Can a car get excited about competing in a race? Of course! Especially when your name is Heidi and you have the chance to show your skills at the 64th Pomeroy Trophy event this weekend (16 February) at Silverstone.

Organised by the Vintage Sports Car Club (VSCC), the Pomeroy Trophy event involves a series of challenges including the famous Wiggle Woggle and 45 minutes to play on the 3 mile full GP circuit.

Owner Richard Gatley is hoping Heidi to reach a speed of 65mph which we think means a lap time of around 5 minutes. Not bad compared to a current GP car of around 1.5 minutes!

Fortunately the high performance SPAL fan will keep Heidi cool in between bursts of speed and allow her to maintain an optimum engine temperature.

Update on Ami

The build for Heidi’s little sister Ami continues with her seat back under construction. This involves sourcing air dried ash so that it can be shaped in a former. It has to be air dried because kiln dried can snap under pressure.

Look out for Heidi’s results next week and Ami’s continuing story.

Posted in News on Feb 15, 2019

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