Rob Wilson Preps Hard for 3rd Round of Junior Rally Championship

Here’s our latest report from Rob Wilson as he prepares for the next round of the Championship. It looks set to be a challenging round as Rob explains:

“In a few week’s time, we will be competing in round 3 of the Junior Rally Championship where we hope to continue on our victorious streak.

“The SMC Stages at Anglesey on 14th April, 2019, is a hard one to judge as it is part circuit, part back road which suits certain cars but not others. Despite this uncertainty, our strategy will be to try and get an early advantage and then drive to the conditions.

“We missed round 2 because of the distance to the venue and that we used it as a dropped score. To prepare for this round we have given the car a clean and bolt check and basic oil change.

“This is the first round of the championship where we will face our 2018 rival Elliot Payne, so we are obviously aiming to do well and overcome that challenge. Plus if we do well here it will put us in a very positive place for the championship.

“Finally, thanks to SPAL and the whole of the team without whom this wouldn’t be possible!”

For some fast and furious footage of Rob Wilson dominating the Questmead Stages go to:

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Posted in News on Apr 03, 2019

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