Salute to Mothballed Formula Student Teams

SPAL shared in the excitement for the build up to the 2020 season and then the disappointment as Formula Student teams were forced to announce they were downing tools as the world pressed pause for the pandemic.

We wanted to celebrate all those hopes, dreams and clever ideas by looking back at our inbox of requests.

2020 was the year that many teams were looking to the future and going electric.

Oxford Brookes Racing made that decision back in 2019 and was just on the cusp of devising their approach using several engine cooling fans to cope with the thermal load of battery power.

UBeRacing was a new team taking on the challenge of building an electric car from scratch including the battery pack itself and were geared up to dedicate 6 months to completing the project.

Loughborough University Motorsport joined the electric ranks and was hard at work redesigning the electronics, aerodynamics and the powertrain as well as building a battery pack to last 22km before needing a recharge.

Problem solving Staffordshire University Racing set out to improve outcomes with an upgrade of the cooling (with a SPAL fan of course) as well as revising the angle and location of the radiator to overcome previous overheating issues on the starting grid.

UBRacing was a returning Formula Student team aiming to install two radiators and double the cooling from two SPAL fans.

SPAL applauds the effort and innovation shown by Formula Student teams and knows their stars will rise again in the future.

Posted in News on Apr 30, 2020

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