Smooth Operator

Along with many other businesses in the UK, SPAL has worked hard to ensure that the company is ‘Brexit ready’. Fortunately, the final Free Trade Agreement deal means that we don’t have to worry about import tariffs, while forward planning has ensured that despite major changes to customs regulations, SPAL is well prepared with substantial additional stock holding, mitigating any potential supply chain delays as the country adjusts to the new system.

In any event, SPAL’s parent company in Italy exports products all over the world and is geared to navigate the border requirements of many countries outside of the EU, says MD of SPAL UK, Matthew Morris.

“From SPAL Group’s perspective, Brexit is not a major issue. The company operates on a global basis and manages the various complex regulations of many different countries worldwide. The preparation of SPAL UK, combined with the experience of SPAL Group, means that our customers can be assured of a smooth transition into 2021 and our continued commitment to best-in-class service.”

Posted in News on Jan 13, 2021

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