SPAL adds security aerostat to list of applications

The potential of SPAL fans and blowers has just been utilised by a manufacturer of technical inflatables where intelligent operation comes in very handy.

SPAL supplies the centrifugal blowers which are used to maintain operation pressures in military balloons during flight. These balloons are designed to accommodate large changes in both atmospheric pressure and temperature by incorporating a pressurisation system. With changes in atmospheric pressure and temperature, the balloons shape and pressure is maintained by a computer controlled system which drives two 24v SPAL fans.

On this particular application, an array of specialist security sensors were attached to the aerostat, to demonstrate the capability of using an airborne platform. The company specialises in manufacturing both heavier than air and lighter than air inflatables, from aircraft evacuation slides to parachute training aerostats. This project, the first of its kind for the company, was successfully designed and manufactured within a six month window.

SPAL technology allows for the precise calibration of air delivery that is vital to keep the balloons airborne at the right altitude to perform their task and is one of exciting new applications employing SPAL’s superior air movement solutions.

Posted in News on Jan 10, 2017

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