SPAL Backs its First French Electric Formula Student Team

SPAL has been following and supporting UK teams in their Formula Student bids for over 5 years now and is excited to be backing its first French team and first electric car. Estacars sent this account of the team’s hopes:

Estacars is an academic and innovative project involving 28 3rd and 4th year students from the West Campus of ESTACA Engineering School in Laval.

Electric Build

The goal is to conceive and build a 100% electric single-seater prototype for the Formula Student international championship. Pioneers in this field, Estacars was already developing its electric vehicle for the 2015 competition, making the FSE01 the first French electric car to participate in the Formula Student.

The Team

The project is led by a unique team of students with the support of teacher-researchers from ESTACA where they need to follow precise requirements regarding the specification. Teamwork, project management, scientific precision and industry experience will be the keys to success.

The students are divided into to 4 project groups:

• Communication and partnerships • Vehicle dynamics • Vehicle architecture • Energy and on board systems

High Performance Cooling

“We decided to design a new cooling system this year and discovered SPAL fans during our benchmarking. The SPAL fans allowed us to put the radiator behind the car where there is no air flow, and provide cooling for the electrical engine and controller.”

Formula Student 2019 bid

“Our main objectives this year are to improve the power unit to increase performance, to meliorate our electrical safety systems to make our car conform to the safety regulations. We also focused on the architecture of the car, by improving the location of each component to develop a better single-seater. From the team perspective we will work on knowledge transfer so that future teams can benefit from our experience.”

Photocaption: Estacars team with FSE02 race car.

Posted in News on Dec 05, 2018

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