SPAL develops Brushless Fan for New Rally Car

SPAL is very proud to be among those collaborating with M-Sport, one of the world's leading private rally racing teams, in developing the new high performance M-Sport 2017 Fiesta World Rally Car for 2017.

Weight saving is a critical factor in racing and SPAL has worked closely with M-Sport’s electrical engineering team to deliver a new generation brushless 500W fan, which is high performance but is very lightweight (around 1/3 lighter than fans of similar power). In an industry where pockets are removed from overalls and logos are printed rather than embroidered simply to save grammes of weight, this achievement is significant, according to Malcolm Wilson, the well-known former champion racing driver and Managing Director of M-Sport.

The M-Sport 2017 Fiesta World Rally Car will be introduced at the Monte Carlo Rally early next year – the first ‘outing’ for SPAL’s latest product offering.

SPAL has been working with M-Sport since 1997 and it is the exacting conditions and punishing environment of rally racing where brushless technology gives the competitive edge. The fully sealed motor unit is spark-free and safe. It keeps out moisture and dust while smart controls precisely manage the amount of cooling required for optimum performance.

SPAL is committed to working with OEMs like M-Sport to produce fans which offer greater efficiency, better cooling, less weight and more power as well as meeting future requirements of fuel economy and reduced emissions.

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Posted in Blog, News on Jan 10, 2017

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