SPAL Fans for High Performance Supermarket Delivery Vans

More to celebrate in our 10th year as we report a major supermarket contract secured by one of our longstanding customers, GAH. As a result, we’ve seen an increase in sales volumes for SPAL Automotive UK.

GAH is a transport refrigeration specialist and develops new refrigeration systems for supermarket home delivery vehicles. The Company always specifies high performance, robust and reliable SPAL fans in its applications. Celebrating its own 25th anniversary in 2018, only SPAL will do as Refrigeration Director, Shaun O’Farrell explains:

“Refrigeration systems have to blend in with the aesthetics of the vehicle without forgetting the functionality and performance which is essential for such a vital link in the cold chain. We have innovated to ensure our units are the lightest in class, reliable and efficient.

“Lighter units give our customers increased payload capacity and with new drive systems we can now tackle all sorts of applications on hybrid, electric or traditional combustion engine vehicles.

“Trials are underway with alternator drive fridges preparing for a future where there we do not fit a compressor in the engine bay but of course we still must circulate the air in the load space and through the condenser.

“Using SPAL fans gives us confidence that we have the best fans available for this challenging application.”

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Posted in News on Feb 15, 2019

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