SPAL Finishes 2018 on a High

It’s been another busy and successful year for us. We’re pleased to report significant sales growth for SPAL’s Italian designed and manufactured range of world leading thermal cooling technology, spanning multiple sectors.

Agriculture aftermarket sector

Compared to 2017, sales have grown by over 20% - and that’s across all sectors. However, we’ve seen particular growth in the agricultural aftermarket sector with higher demand for blowers and fans. This is the direct result of a brand awareness initiative for a product that despite featuring on the kit of all the major global manufacturers of agricultural machinery, is hidden away inside the vehicle and is little known.

Specified for engine, hydraulics and cab cooling for the top names in the sector, SPAL UK has been working hard in the aftermarket to physically show the product to the end user rendering instant recognition.

Refrigerated home delivery vehicles

Another thriving sector is in refrigerated home delivery vehicles. One of our main distributors has secured a servicing contract with a major supermarket chain. We can now supply high quality, reliable and guaranteed parts to a sector that has been plagued with cheaper and imported components.

Automotive sector

As a market leader in this sector, we’re working with the leading marques on the development of the next generation of hybrid and electric vehicles. We are producing bespoke products from a range of software-driven and highly efficient brushless motor fans and blowers.

SPAL UK’s 10th anniversary

In 2019, we celebrate our 10th anniversary as parent company SPAL Automotive Italy celebrates 60 years of innovation. Definitely a cause for celebration!

Posted in News on Dec 14, 2018

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