SPAL Keeps its Cool as Supermarket Home Deliveries Hot Up

SPAL Automotive has felt the impact of the boom in custom for fans in refrigerated transport applications as consumer figures published May 2020 reveal that the online grocery market has doubled during the Coronavirus lockdown.

The numbers are impressive with 7.9 million households placing online food shopping orders compared to 4.8 million the same period in 2019 and 1.1m of those being completely new to online shopping.

The trend is expected to continue after lockdown as people become accustomed to the technology and appreciate the convenience of what is currently an essential service.

Supermarkets themselves have struggled to keep up with demand with the likes of Tesco gearing up to service 1.2 million delivery slots - over twice their usual of 500,000.

SPAL, as the OEM supplier to the fridge manufacturers, is of course is proud to be supplying customers with its range of hardworking fans which are doing an excellent job keeping cargos cool and arrive in chilled perfection as drivers and vehicles operate around the clock to deliver groceries to homes.

Speaking of around the clock, a shout out to the teams providing the vital servicing and maintenance that keeps those delivery vans on the road!

Read the Times article here.

Posted in News on May 28, 2020

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