SPAL Meets LUM Cooling Requirements

Formula Student regular LUMotorsport has once again opted for SPAL fans to keep cool on the tracks. The Loughborough University team and has been competing since 2003 and let us in on their lightweighting plans for 2018 season.

“This year we have focused on weight reduction and optimisation of the existing vehicle systems. The new car is the first in the team’s history to feature 10 inch wheels, making the switch from 13 inch wheels. This change has meant we have been able to save 12kg+ in this area alone. Further development work has been carried out on aerodynamic components that have been validated through full scale wind tunnel testing in the MIRA wind tunnel.

“An additional area developed this year is the cooling system. We have switched from a single radiator to a twin radiator setup primarily to aid aerodynamic development. The use of SPAL fans has enabled this change to become a reality as they help us meet the cooling requirements of our engine.

Best of luck in the competition.

Photo-caption: The launch of the 2018 car.

Posted in News on Jul 04, 2018

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