SPAL primed to support ambitious plans for EV charging Infrastructure

World EV Day (9th Sept) saw the government announce ambitious plans to accelerate EV growth, including bringing down the recharging cycle for electric vehicles to just 6 minutes.

As leaders in EV cooling technology, SPAL Automotive applauds this commitment to driving EV and encouraging drivers to make the switch to cleaner, greener vehicles, but sounds a note of caution on the scale of the task in hand.

SPAL Automotive UK MD Matthew Morris comments:

“Six minutes is a highly ambitious target, given the current 4-5 hours for a full charge (or 2 hours for a Tesla). A more realistic aim would be to reduce the charging time to half an hour/40 minutes. While not as convenient as a six minute stop, half an hour at a charging point is a great improvement on existing charging times and would provide sufficient time to grab a sandwich, read the paper or catch up on notes before setting off to the next meeting.

“Faster charging means greater heat generated and that’s where SPAL’s high performance, precisely controllable brushless technology will play its part. SPAL fans already used in battery cooling for EVs are now being deployed to cool charging points. It’s happening in Australia through one of our UK customers, also in the States with SPAL USA and we are about to introduce it here in the UK.”

Matthew adds, “In any event, the key challenge is to up the number of charge points to a level that reassures drivers anxious about range, especially those in rural areas. Right now, there are 19,314 on street charging points, which is only 5% of what there needs to be. There is certainly a long way to go, but SPAL is keen to support the network expansion and welcomes the decision to put the development of the charging infrastructure out to industry. Watch this space!”

Posted in News on Sep 15, 2020

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