SPAL Renews Backing for Rob Wilson Motorsport

We’re happy to announce that we’ve renewed our support for aspiring young rally driver Rob Wilson.

Rob narrowly missed out on the Junior Rally Championships last year but has wasted no time getting the team ready for the 2019 season. They started with essential upgrades to the car with Rob telling us:

‘Despite the result, 2018 was a brilliant year for us and having SPAL behind us really helped with the progress made. 2019 sees us return to the Junior Rally Championship with fresh hopes for success.

We knew that the car must be the best it can possibly be for the 2019 season, so we began work in early December, pretty much stripping the car of everything except its wiring.

We took out unnecessary weight from the car and set about painting the underneath and engine bay. With the car looking clean and professional, the next job was to get the suspension serviced - a massive bonus as we discovered it was bottoming out due to lack of oil.

With SPAL supporting us for the second year we can both use this opportunity to grow. Our first event is on 3 March when we will face the best junior drivers from all around the UK.

With my GCSEs this year I will have to miss a few of my favourite events but will still make all the necessary scoring rounds, including a trip to the feared Solway Coast Rally!

We look forward to a fun and competitive year.’

This report certainly suggests the car is in good shape for 2019.

We wish Rob good luck with both his exams and the Junior Rally Championships and look forward to hearing of success in both!

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Posted in News on Feb 06, 2019

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