Superformance flies flag for SPAL

Colin Sowter, the owner of Superformance will be continuing to fly the flag for SPAL engine cooling fans on the international race circuits behind the wheel of a classic Ferrari in 2020.

Sporting SPAL branding and logos on his race gear and race car, marks a fruitful business relationship built over many years with SPAL Automotive UK as they came to rescue when the Ferrari parts specialist was having trouble researching and sourcing the correct cooling and heating fan products.

First making contact with SPAL at the Autosport Engineering Show, Colin discovered he could be supplied direct from the Worcester warehouse enabling Superformance to list selected products from the SPAL range specifically to cater for Ferrari owners in Italy and around the globe.

Superformance’s now comprehensive range of parts initially started 37 years ago to cater primarily for parts for the V6 models, some of which incidentally date back to 1959 when SPAL Automotive Srl was established, however, now the range has grown to include the more modern range of vehicles that are generally catered for by the independent specialists from the Classic Flat 12 Ferrari Testarossa, symbolic of the 1980s, through to the modern classics of the 1990s such as the 348 and F355, and to the early 2000’s with the 360 and 430 models.

Colin raced his own F348 in 2019 and won the title of Pirelli Maranello Ferrari Challenge ‘Driver of the Year Award’ at the Pirelli Ferrari formula classic Awards Luncheon in November 2019. For 2020, Colin hopes for more accolades as Superformance has prepared a new race car in the form of an iconic F355 for the coming race season.

Posted in News on Jan 29, 2020

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