Team Bath Racing has eyes on Formula Student 2021

Despite the major setback of Formula Student 2020 unable to go ahead in its usual all action format, teams have been working hard to submit entries to the virtual event, as Benjamin Jenkins Project Manager & Electronics Lead, Team Bath Racing (TBR21), explained:

The Coronavirus pandemic caused the cancellation of all the live 2020 Formula Student competitions. However, some competition organisers elected to run virtual competitions in their place, based off the normal static events (design, business, and costing events) with certain details adjusted to account for the remote nature of the competition.

For Team Bath Racing the virtual competitions run by Formula Student UK and Formula Student East offered a unique opportunity. The current team, TBR20, opted not to participate, however, the next iteration of the team, TBR21, accepted the challenge.

TBR21, was formed in February 2020 and is designing a car that will be built for, and competed in, the 2021 Competition Season. TBR21 decided to enter these competitions recognising both the knowledge and experience they will receive will be invaluable in preparing them for 2021. TBR21 recently submitted several presentations (PowerPoint with audio commentary) for both competitions and are now eagerly awaiting questioning and feedback from the event judges.

Being able to adapt to adversity and coming up with alternative solutions is evidence of great promise in the budding engineers. Best of luck TBR21! We are very excited to hear the results.

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Photo shows: CAD model TBR21

Posted in News on Jul 13, 2020

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