Is there any Mileage in Hydrogen? SPAL Investigates

With hydrogen power gaining traction around the world from increased investment to plans to use nuclear energy to produce the fuel, SPAL has been following the evolution of hydrogen fuelled vehicles.

In particular the story behind sustainable car company Riversimple, as featured in H2 View magazine which sets out founder Hugo Spowers’ vision.

Matthew Morris SPAL Automotive UK MD was fascinated to learn how you go about introducing a whole new technology:

“Like other new technologies hydrogen has its issues to overcome but the decision to start everything from scratch – a new design of car rather than trying to fit a new system to an existing format and the bold busines model – are compelling.

“Focusing on offering mobility as a service rather than the vehicles themselves, which will be rented and not owned, makes perfect sense as drivers will be familiar with PCP arrangements and will make the proposition more accessible for drivers.

“Refining the market for hydrogen powered vehicles down to suit a lifestyle or a mindset and the geographical area helps create specific demand and support the infrastructure for refuelling – a much quicker process than electric and you need fewer pumps to meet demand - something which gives hydrogen an edge over electric.

“Having said that, Spowers sees electric and hydrogen as complementary technologies which will bring about decarbonisation much more quickly.

“I believe in the shorter term that hydrogen will be vital to take the pressure off the push to go fully electric especially as there is some uproar over the cost of charging on top of the dearth of charging points.

“With a clear vision, a defined target market (a practical but stylish looking vehicle to boot) coupled with an appetite for investment in green mobility solutions, Riversimple is certainly well on the way to making hydrogen powered vehicles commercially viable and becoming a key player in the carbon zero future.”

Image credit: Photo by Trollinho on Unsplash

Posted in News on Dec 03, 2020

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