Two Radiator Solution for UBRacing

SPAL is always happy to welcome back Formula Student teams from previous years so when UBRacing dropped us a line, we were only too pleased to oblige especially when they showed ingenuity in their approach to the all-important business of engine cooling.

Rachael Ward-Kenyon is part of the Powertrain crew for the University of Birmingham team, she wrote:

“SPAL has supported UBRacing for several years by supplying fans free of charge for our Formula Student vehicle. We have an exciting new design this year, incorporating two radiators instead of one, into our cooling system. Due to this redesign, we are in need of two new fans and would like to know if you are able to support the team this year?”

Appreciating the challenge to build a race car from scratch on a student budget and the fact that double the radiators, means double the cooling required, the answer of course is yes, your fans are on the way!

Posted in News on Mar 09, 2020

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