UBeRacing bids to take 1st ever electric car to Silverstone

The wave of Formula Student entries turning to the electric side is an exciting new phase and a big challenge for budding engineers and SPAL is happy to support University of Birmingham UBeRacing in “a fantastic educational project directly involved with the up and coming technology in regards to electric vehicles.” As Sam Morris the UBeRacing Team Leader so eloquently described in an email to request SPAL’s help:

“UBeRacing is our university's first electric Formula Student team. Formula Student is a competition where universities from around the country and world bring cars that they have built by themselves to compete against one another. It is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the hard work the students have done and it is also a fantastic STEM extra-curriculum activity to grow and develop the student's team-work, problem-solving and hands-on experience. All of which help directly to aid their education.

“As you can imagine building an electric car from scratch is a challenging endeavour from both an engineering and funding point of view, especially as we are building our own battery pack. Thus, is there any way that you can support our project to aid the innovation of young engineers?”

“UBeRacing is an excellent example of an interdisciplinary group, where electrical and mechanical engineers work side by side. At UBeRacing we are trying to develop a culture based around decision-making, communication, and flexibility. We want to be able to make plenty of informed decisions to progress the design and manufacture of the car as we only have approximately 6 months to work on it each year.

“Communication and flexibility are very important to us because we understand deadlines and other commitments may mean at times you are unable to attend meetings or do as much work, we completely understand this, all we ask is that our team communicates this. Our goal for this year is to build our first ever car to take to Silverstone in July.

“However, our budget constraints are making this a challenge, our design is effectively finished and we have started manufacturing.”

Our answer of course is a resounding yes, SPAL is delighted to support new talent in the industry - UBeRacing choose your SPAL fans and they are yours!

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Posted in News on Feb 18, 2020

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