We welcome cool new Formula Student team - LJMU e-Racing

We were delighted when Liverpool John Moores University Formula Student contenders approached us to supply fans for the cooling of the team’s very first electric car.

The team’s car will make its debut at Silverstone in July.

Spokesperson Ellena Harkins shared the team’s hopes for the competition:

“This is our very first competition with an electric car. The team have competed since 2009 with internal combustion cars and have done really well doing so! However, in 2017 the decision was made to change the future of the Formula Student team at Liverpool John Moores University, and allow our team members to develop new skills by changing to an electric powertrain.

“This new change in technology has been difficult, and a big learning curve for the team, but enjoyable, and we are excited to show off our new car, LJMU19e, on the Silverstone race track in July.

“The cooling system of our motor and controller is one of the most essential systems on the car. Our motor needs to stay within a specific temperature range for optimal performance, outside of this range can damage delicate components. The SPAL fans are being used in conjunction with with a custom built Docking Engineering oil cooler to ensure adherence to the strict temperature range and the efficient operation of the motor.

“We chose SPAL fans because they are highly recommended in industry, with a large range of sizes and specifications so we could opt for the most compact and powerful fans to fit neatly into our side-pods. “Our hopes this year for competition are to produce a reliable car that will pass scrutineering! We aren’t bothered about a podium finish, but would be very proud to have our very first electric car on the track at Silverstone.

“Wish us luck!”

Best of luck indeed to Team LJMU eRacing, we share your excitement in testing out the new technology!

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Posted in News on Jun 13, 2019

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