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Supplying the World’s Most Demanding Markets

We serve a wide range of sectors, supplying world leading OEMS

We supply world leading OEMs with high quality axial fans and blowers for main engine (oil and water) cooling equipment, hybrid and battery thermal management and HVAC, using the latest generation of brushless technology.

We also provide an After Market service, supplying genuine replacement traditional brushed fans.

Listed below is our range of applications. If you require further help, please submit the form below or contact us.


SPAL’s range of high-performance fans for engine thermal management are the products of choice for the world’s leading automotive manufacturers.

With quality, efficiency and longevity guaranteed the brushed motor range of fans cover a wide scope of automotive applications including traditional sports cars, while SPAL’s advanced technology brushless variants are increasingly specified in the next generation of low emission vehicles.

Specialist cooling applications:

  • Endurance racing in harsh environments
  • Engine cooling in leading marques of hypercars 
  • Battery and electric motor cooling in EVs 
  • Alternatively fuelled vehicles including hydrogen powered

Bus and Coach

SPAL’s high performance fans and blowers have a range of applications for buses & coaches:

  • Screen demisting

  • Cabin heating

  • Air conditioning

  • Engine cooling

  • WC extractor fans

Our Top Picks for Coach and Bus Blowers lists the top 21 products for the sector and vital details such as voltage, speed, airflow CFM and dimensions.


SPAL’s high performance fans and blowers have a range of applications for construction equipment and machinery including engine bay and hydraulic cooling.

To take the legwork out of identifying which blower or fan is required for heavy duty applications, SPAL has narrowed it down to just 8 of the essential most specified service and replacement parts with A Quick Guide to Blowers & Fans for Construction.


SPAL’s world leading range of high performance axial fans & centrifugal blowers. feature on the kit of the major global agricultural OE vehicle makers.

SPAL’s long life (5000+ hours of service), exceptional quality components (with 3 year guarantee) provide efficient hydraulic, oil, engine & cab cooling.

To simplify the task of identifying the right part, we have put together A Guide to SPAL Fans and Blowers for Agriculture and allied sectors. A visual reference of the top 20 service parts, it lists vital details such as voltage, speed, airflow CFM, dimensions and connectors. The SPAL blowers included in the Quick Guide are compatible with over 1,000 agriculture machines.

Contact us

Phone: +44 1905 613 714

Address: Unit 3 Great Western Business Park, McKenzie Way, Tolladine Road, Worcester, WR4 9PT, United Kingdom.

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